Leveling Cradle - uneven floors & roof decks

Rubbertech protective matting


Rubbertech Roofing Leveling Cradle system is a unique Patented self leveling joist support system. The system can be used for leveling uneven floors, supporting roof decking or in conjunction with our acoustic pad as an indoor acoustic flooring system. The unique design and buttress thread enables the Cradle to carry high loads with unlimited adjustment to allow for accurate leveling of the floor or deck surface.

The Roofing Cradle is the ideal solution for supporting timber joists for decking purposes on Balconies and Roof terraces, keeping the joists supported and keeping them off the roof deck and away from the drainage of the roof.

The void created by the Cradle can also be insulated or used for hidden services, the system is also ideal for use in fast track building programs or conservatory floors.

• Easy to install
• High load bearing
• Unlimited adjustment
• Timber joist support
• Recycled plastic body
• Allows for falls in roofs
• Soft sprung feel
• Hidden services
• Balconies & roof terraces

Rubbertech Cradle Data

Diameter: 90mm
Height: 55mm
Adjustability: 10mm - 40mm
Load capacity: 7 kN/m

Rubbertech Adjustable Cradle
Rubbertech Adjustable Cradle
Decking levelled on adjustable cradle from Rubbertech