Liberty - porcelain stone paver system

Liberty Porcelain stone paver system


• Easy installation
• High load bearing
• Versatile
• Highly slip resistant
• Highly stain resistant
• Hidden services
• Easy access
• Frost & fire proof
• Supplied with supports

Rubbertech Roofing Liberty System is an innovative solution comprised of a 20mm single layer of load bearing porcelain stoneware, with excellent technical and aesthetic features.

Liberty is the ideal product for the creation of raised floor platforms on balconies and heavy load traffic areas and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Liberty is a lightweight, anti-slip, economical and aesthetically pleasing solution, available in a 600 x 600 x 20mm tile in four simulated stone finishes and two wood effect finishes, giving the aesthetics of natural materials minus the expense, maintenance and upkeep required for natural stone and timber.

Liberty Tiled Balcony
Liberty Tile - Sahara
Liberty Tile - Sinai
Liberty Tile - Kalahari
Liberty Tile - karoo
Liberty Tile - Amalfi
Liberty Tile - Sorrento