Protective Matting System - acoustic & thermal insulation

Rubbertech protective matting


Rubbertech Roofing Protective matting has been developed to complement trends created by modern architecture requiring high performance acoustic and thermal insulation, along with quality high performance waterproofing membranes. The protection of these insulation membranes is of the utmost importance.

Rubbertech protective matting does not only provide good insulation values, it also protects membranes and installations from damage to the structure and can be used to protect areas such as water features, roof gardens and mechanical plant areas etc.

• Easy installation
• High compressive strength
• Excellent sound insulation
• Flat roof walkway
• Reduces vibration
• Excellent resiliency
• Environmentally friendly

Protect Matting

Structural protection for waterproofing systems such as roof gardens, tunnels etc. Available in 6mm & 8mm thicknesses, 10m length rolls are 1m or 1.25m wide.

Protect Plus Matting

Protection walkways or high density structural protection, higher density material remains permanently elastic, Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses, other thicknesses on request up to 20mm.

Roll of Rubbertech Protective matting