SafeFoot - roof plant support systems



Rubbertech Roofing SafeFoot is a range for supporting all types of plant and equipment installations on flat roofs.

Providing the ideal answer for safe and economical freestanding systems to support all necessary services, the comprehensive range of Safefoot products provides quick, flexible and secure roof support possibilities for a range of services and equipment such as air conditioning and heating units, extractor fans and ventilators, walkway and access areas.

• Fast & easy fitting
• Safe & robust mounting
• Roof surface protection
• Freestanding system
• Air conditioning units
• Heating units & ventilation
• Versatile system

FX Range

The FX Foot range is for supporting pipe work, cable trays and for smaller condensing units or air source heat pump installations.

For sloped roofs, Safefoots ‘Angled’ feet have been moulded uniquely as single components in either 2.5º or 5º angles.

SafeFoot Angled
SafeFoot joining foot