Step tile Play - rooftop tile system

Step tile Play Installation


Rubbertech Roofing Step tile Play can be used in various applications on roof areas, with our multi-use sporting concept to maximise your roof space for activities such as golf putting greens, running tracks, basketball areas, jacuzzis and hot tubs. Our recycled tiles are of the highest quality, providing comfort and safety at all times, so you can just relax, have fun and enjoy your favourite leisure activities.

Play areas are the perfect solution for roof spaces, the Rubbertech Step tile play system meets all the head impact criteria (HIC) and the critical fall height safety regulations according to EN 1177.

• Easy installation
• Play areas
• Versatile application
• Highly slip resistant
• Golf putting
• Football areas
• Basketball areas
• Multi-use games
• Meets all regulations

Step tile Play
Critical fall heights
Depth HIC EN 1177
30mm 1m
40mm 1.2m
45mm 1.4m
50mm 1.5m
60mm 1.6m